Special Photo Exhibition: Photographer Soichi Matta

March 1 - April 10, 2012

“Sri Lanka: The Island of Piety”


  Photographer’s note on the exhibition: “For years, I have occasionally visited Asian small villages and been inspired by the ways of living of people there; what is the most valuable thing in life? What are the merits and demerits of modern-day economic materialism? Shouldn’t we indulge in the pleasure of this present world? Shouldn’t we look further ahead to the future, or, afterworld, maybe?” Increasing the recognition of alternative reality to modern civilization, I turned off Bhutan and headed to Sri Lanka. As you look through the photos, I hope you enjoy the beauty of the people and get a sense of the massages of their prayers for inner peace.


Selected Bibliography of Matta’s Works

Scarlet and Indigo: Portraits of women in Fukui (1985)

The River Still Runs (1989)

Walking along the Mekong 2005)

Road to Paradise or Heaven: Travel in Bhutan (2008)

Travels in Madagascar: Hovering between Africa and Asia (2010)

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