“Kofuku-No-Kuni” (Land of Happiness) is a registered non-profit organization established in Fukui, Japan in 2012.


Our Vision

  By inspiring people in Japan and elsewhere with the Bhutanese new paradigm on social development and happiness, we hope to realize truly happy communities.     


Our Mission

  We work to promote mutual friendship between Bhutan and Japan.


  Bhutan is well known to the world for an innovative and successful concept of “GNH (Gross National Happiness).” Bhutan is a “small” country in some ways; the country is about the same size in area as Kyushu region of Japan; the country is almost as small in population as that of Fukui prefecture while is even smaller than Fukui in economic terms. However, Bhutan is still a “great” country; to the question census 2005 “Are you happy?” more than 90% of the nation answered “very happy” or ”happy.”     


  Fukui, our home province is certainly a nice place to live as well; you can enjoy pleasant climate, the pure air and water, charming scenery, etc. These geographical features have made Fukui one of the regional capitals of Japan, which is strong historical evidence that Fukui is qualified to be a “happy” land. Also from a statistical viewpoint, Fukui is proved to be a “happy” land; research by Professor Koji Sakamoto at Hosei University Graduate School shows that Fukui ranks at the highest level of wellbeing among all the 47 prefectures of Japan. However, unfortunately, Fukui people are not really aware that they are happy; it is just implausible to them that they are the happiest. They need to articulate their visions of happiness, to which we believe we can make a contribution by fostering interaction with Bhutan.


Our Objective

  Kofuku-No-Kuni is dedicated to:

 creating and educating public awareness among Fukui locals, Japanese tourists, and others of the Bhutanese rich culture and history and promoting Japan-Bhutan friendship.


Our Strategy

  Our strategy for achieving the mission stated above is to educate and stimulate Fukui local communities on the matters of economic development projects in urban areas, child education, and international education by offering to them a variety of events and programs on Bhutanese / Fukui culture and history.


Contact Us

Kofuku-No-Kuni NPO

c/o Bhutan Museum Fukui 3-5-12 Ote

Fukui,910-0005 JAPAN

E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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