Celebrating the First United Nations International DAY of HAPPINESS

Meeting: “What is Happiness?”

March 11, 2013 (1pm ~ 4:30pm)

Location: 2nd floor of The Bhutan Museum Fukui


Japan’s GDP is large while its GNH (Gross National Happiness) not. However, especially after Great East Japan Earthquake, we are now recognizing that “progress” should increase human happiness and wellbeing, not only growing the economy.


This kind of profound shift in attitudes is underway all over the world. In July 2012, UN decreed that the International Day of Happiness would be observed every year on March 20, following the offer of the Bhutanese government. We will celebrate the first day of happiness here at the Bhutan Museum Fukui aka. “The Land of Happiness.”


<Meeting Program Schedule>

1pm ~ 1:10pm Opening Statement

1:10pm ~ 1:40pm Concert: Fukui Kids-Family Choral Society

1:40 ~ 2:40pm Monodrama “Tachibana Akemi’s Ballad”

2:40 ~ 4:00pm Tea Break Group Discussion

“Is Japan a happy country? Is Fukui a happy town?”

(Bhutanese snacks will be served)

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