Six members of our NPO had a goodwil trip to Bhutan


  A group of the six members flew to Bhutan from the Nagoya international airport on May 13th, 2012. They returned from a five-day trip to Bhutan safely, which was designed for our better understanding of the country.

   They were led by Genji Nosaka, the director of Bhutan Museum Fukui. They hosted a formal banquet at a hotel of Thimphu for 22 Bhutanese senior officials and media representatives and 19 long-stay Japanese in Bhutan. This occasion was a wonderful opportunity to foster a good friendship between Bhutan and Japan.  They also visited many sightseeing spots in Bhutan and purchased Bhutanese folk-cultural novelties, which would make a nice addition to our Bhutan collection in the Museum.

   Sonam Tobgay, acting prime minister of Bhutan, honors us with his presence at the office of the prime minister.

Director Genji Nosaka hands a personal letter from the Gov. of Fukui prefecture to acting prime Minister Tobgay.

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